FAQs (Step Up)

FAQs (Step Up)

  • What’s the delivery cost?

There is no delivery cost.

  • When will I get the product?

You shall get it in a week. After we dispatch the product, you shall get the sms about the exact date delivery.

  • How can I get Step Up? Do we have a shop where we can see?

You can get original Step Up only through our website www.gtmteleshopping.com. We have no retail presence.

  • Do you have CoD?


  • What is discount if I buy non cod?

Yes you get a 10% discount.

  • The advertisement says it’s a 3 months course. How many packs and what’s the cost?

For best results you have to use step up for 60 days regularly. One pack of stepup has 3 jars of stepup powder and one pack lasts you 1 months. Cost of 1 pack is 1990. If you buy whole 60 days course together you shall get it for 3500.

  • How long does one pack last?

30 days

  • How do I know its original product? Do you have any mark on the box that I can verify?

Step Up advertisement that used to run on TV and thats on our website, clearly says its a GTM product. Plus you can verify our claims by visiting the trademark site of government of India. On the box if it is manufactured by XGEN HERBAL LIFE SCIENCES and has GTM logo then its original.

  • How do I know you are the original?

Step Up advertisement that used to run on TV and thats on our website, clearly says its a GTM product. Plus you can verify our claims by visiting the trademark site of government of India.

  • Who can use Step Up?

Step up works for customers, both male and female, who are between the age of 17 to 26.

  • How to use step up?

One teaspoon of stepup powder, mixed with warm milk or water, before breakfast. One teaspoon of stepup powder, mixed with warm milk or water, 30 minutes after dinner.

  • You say it’s a two months course, why I won’t get any result in one month?

In majority cases users get results within 45 days.

  • What are the abstinences and exercise while using Step Up?

Dont have brinjal and black daal. Also avoid very spicy food and sour food.

  • How many days should I use step up?

60 days regularly for maximum result

  • How much would I grow after using Step Up?

You shall gain body growth, but exactly how much is difficult to say as results vary from user to user.

  • What are the ingredients in Step Up?

Step up has several herbs, prominent among them are ashwagandha, harar, haldi, jamantika

  • Is there any side effect?


  • When shall I get to see the results?

After  60 days of regular use

  • What is the guarantee that this product will work?

The success of the brand for 7 years is the proof that the brand is successful.

  • I have medical condition, can I use step Up?

You should consult your physician before you start using Step Up.

  • I was buying online but transaction is declined while money is deducted from my account. What should I do?

The amount shall be returned to you within 72 hours.

  • I don’t stay in India, how can I buy this product? Also there are websites selling this product in my country, are they not genuine?

GTM is the brandowner and as of now we are not selling anywhere apart from India. So we suggest you should wait till we start serving your country.

  • In the advertisement it says price is 2500/3000 while website says price is 1990. Why?

The advertisement is 3 years old. The price then was 3000 but it is now 1990.

  • Need very urgent delivery?

Please give your details and we shall try to deliver it to you within your time frame.

  • Where is GTM located at?

This call center is located in Hyderabad and company is based out of Mumbai.

  • Want COD but can I use cards to pay?

No sir, we are not yet having MPOS with our delivery executives.

  • How many satisfied customers do you have? Can we get the number for few of them?

We have thousands of satisfied customers and you can contact them via our yourtube channel comments, unfortunately, I can not give you any personal details.

  • Is the product approved by government?

Yes, it is FSSAI and FDA approved.

  • I received damaged product, what to do?

We shall change it FoC

  • What is the expiry date of this product?

2 years from date of manufacturing.

  • I forgot to follow abstinence for 10 days, now what should I do?

You continue using with abstinence now.

  • I have used earlier, when it was hand delivered. Now courier guy has come. Why? Send me by hand

Earlier we used to follow the franchisee model for delivery, now we have changed it and doing a central dispatch.

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