FAQs (Tummy Fit)

FAQs (Tummy Fit)

What you get in one pack of Tummy Fit?

  1. Tummy Fit toning Oil . 100 ml
  2. Tummy Fit toning Gelly . 50 gm
  3. Tummy Fit toning Cream . 50 gm
  4. Tummy Fit toning Oil . 100 ml
  5. Inch Tape .

Price (1490) no delivery chgs


  • Body shall be toned
  • Increases metabolism
  • Feeling of lightness
  • Purely herbal, 100 % natural & safe no side effects.

How it  Work

It can help in breaking down the cellulite, thus resulting in toning of Tummy, Arms, Thighs, and Neck etc.

Q1 .Where does tummy fit toning oil work?

Ans Tummy fit toning oil is specially made to tone your body. It works on complete cellulite fatty areas located in the body and most importantly tummy. It also works on buttocks, thighs, upper arms and chest area.

Q2. Who should apply tummy fit toning oil?

Ans  It is extremely beneficial for those people who complain of un-toned body.

Q3 .Can we apply tummy fit toning oil if we have any medical condition?

Ans Irrespective of any medical condition like thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, tummy fit toning oil works towards inches loss and makes your flat.

Q4 .How to apply tummy fit toning oil?

Ans Apply 5-10ml tummy fit ayurvedic medicated oil by massaging it on your stomach for at least 8-10 min. You will notice the tummy fit oil maintains and improves the tightness the skin and does not allow it to loosen. For best result it is important that you do not eat anything till 20min. after application of tummy fit oil.

Q5. How many times do we apply tummy fit toning apply in a day?

Ans Tummy fit toning apply has to be apply twice daily 1st application before breakfast/after bath let it work on the body for 5-6 hours and 2nd application – evening (5-6pm or before dinner).

Q6 .What is tummy fit toning oil?

Ans Tummy fit toning oil is a fusion of 2 natural sciences of  healing namely ayurveda and solarisation, and thus brings out the best of both worlds penetration both through skin and benefits of sun rays.

Q7. Tummy fit toning oil based on which therapy?

Ans Tummy fit toning oil based on Oleation therapy  which is derived from ayurveda.

Q8. How much shall I benefit from the product?

Ans   Results vary from user to user but most of our users are happy with the result.



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