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*results may vary from individual to individual.

Do you have a Gym membership but you have never utilised it??

Do you have diet plans but you have never followed them???

Do You keep postponing your morning walk???

If the answers to all of the above is yes then we would like to tell you two things –

Firstly you are lazy secondly we have the perfect solution for you that might help you in toning your body a bit. (Being lazy ourselves we can always be trusted to come out with the easiest solution to any problem. Isn’t it?).

We bring to you a completely Ayurvedic body toning massage oil “TUMMY FIT”.

Why and how TUMMY FIT works:-

  1. Ayurveda always emphasised that obesity is nothing but result of imbalance in your body’s constitution and the remedy of udvartana is meant to rectify this imbalance. Tummy fit oil and cream works on the principals of this udvartana philosophy.
  2. The action of massaging this oil on your stomach, stimulates your skin pores to open up through which the herbs present in this oil seep in your body. The oil base for Tummy Fit is sesame, which is hot in potency and is infused with herbs which remove the blockages and stiffness, and might also have a ‘cutting or liquefying action’ on the fat tissue. 

And did we tell you that Tummy Fit does all of the above in a natural way without any reported side effects? Also, while you are using tummy-fit, you might escalate the results if you can manage to retain a healthy life style, specially eating habit. In case, you are smiling as you read the previous line and you are thinking that the reduction is done by this healthy life style and not by tummy fit, let us tell you something, a little help is always welcome, even for the mightiest of humans, and tummy fit is just an oil after all. Isn’t it?

We always welcome skeptics and we actually love customers who have done their home work, so before you buy tummy fit, search the internet and you shall get resources (scholarly and otherwise) to support this principle of UDVARTANA.